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Isuzu NQR     

    Make: Isuzu NQR 500 F/C C/C
    Location: Gauteng
    Mileage: 97000
    Year: 2007
    CC: 4751
    COLOR: White
Isuzu Trucks for Sale

Customer service is the guiding principle behind Isuzu Trucks in South Africa.

Isuzu Trucks have a comprehensive model range which includes the N-Series range, the newly introduced (March 2010) F-Series range and the GIGAMAX, which heralds Isuzu Truck's entry into the Extra Heavy Commercial Vehicle market. The company offers the Isuzu Forward trucks from 5 tonnes to 18 tonnes plus their Grafter chassis rated at 3.5 tonnes.

20 million Diesel Engines and Counting

A world leader in diesel engine technology, Isuzu makes upwards of 200,000 heavy-duty diesel engines a year. This means that their engines are tried and tested around the world.

Isuzu Trucks

Used Isuzu Truck listings. Isuzu Trucks are updated daily so the listings stay up to date.
Isuzu Trucks listings are from across South Africa's major regions of Gauteng, Johannesburg and Pretoria, Durban, Western Cape.

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